Apple Core…

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With school starting in two weeks, I have back to school gifts on my mind.  I used a NEW template, Happy Hallows, to make an apple core gift box!

Happy Hallows Apple 1 (Large)

Apples are for teachers, right?

Happy Hallows Apple 2 (Large)

I made my “core” by punching partial circles out of the decorative layer with a circle punch, resembling bite marks.

Happy Hallows Apple 3 (Large)

My kids told me the seeds look like eyes, which I didn’t even think of.  However, NOW they keep looking at me!  The power of suggestion! 😛

Happy Hallows Apple 4 (Large)

The red flat top of the box opens up.  Such a cute, clever design.

Happy Hallows Apple 5 (Large)

I made this apple card using MTME An Apple A Day Slice Cut File.  Easy peasy.

Happy Hallows Apple 6 (Large)

Se more creations using Happy Hallows here:

Have a great weekend!