I’m Still Here :-)

Hello :-)

Gee, I haven’t posted for so long.  We have been pretty busy.  One of my girls had her tonsils taken out last week.  It has been a tough week.  I still have my tonsils, so this is my first experience with a tonsillectomy.  After surgery, day one and two are pretty good.  Every day after that gets progressively worse, up until day 7 or 8.  We are still waiting for things to get better and it’s day 8.  It has been very painful for her.  I haven’t even tried to stamp during this…she needs extra special attention.  Bless her heart, she’s only 3!

A very good friend of ours sent my daughter a cookie bouquet after surgery.  She felt sooo special when this was waiting for her when we got back to the hotel.  Go to Cookies By Design to see their amazing work.  The cookies are adorable and delicious!

IMG_0424 (Large)

Have a great day!

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