I’m Still Here :-)


It has been quite a week!  My DH has been very sick since Thursday (a week ago).  The doctor thought he had Influenza, but it turns out he has a real bad strain of Strep Throat.  I had been fighting off a cold, which our 4 kids all have too, and was winning until I got the sore throat!  The doctor put me on antibiotics right away.  I am doing much better already.  However, my DH is still under the weather.  He is going to attempt work today.  I just sneaked in and turned his alarm off so he can sleep longer.  He hasn’t been able to sleep for several days.  He has slept well tonight.  I, on the other hand, have been up since 3:30 am.  He snores really bad with this throat junk so it keeps me awake!!  Oh well, it is giving me a chance to catch up on my blogging in peace and quiet :-)

Since we converted our triplets’ cribs to toddler beds, I haven’t been able to find blankets that fit.  Crib blankets are too small and twin blankets are too big.  While we were at WalMart last weekend I let each of them pick out material for me to make them their own blankets.  Long ago were the days of getting the girls matching things…they are 3 1/2 now and each have their own style and color preference!  It is fun watching each of them become their own person.  I have been working on their blankets this week instead of stamping (I can’t wait to get back in my stamping room!).  It has been fun sewing for the kids though.  The best part is their excitement!  They think I am the best, most talented mom in the world (I’m enjoying this because I’m sure it will all change when they hit their teenage years!)!

Here are their new blankets:

Drew's new blanket (Large)

Drew’s, obviously :-)  He LOVES trucks!!

Haily's new blanket (Large)

Haily’s…she loves purple and yellow.

Carli's new blanket (Large)
Carli’s…pink of course!

new blankets (Large)
A very colorful room :-)

I am going to clean house today.  Hopefully I can stamp again tomorrow!

Have a great day :-)

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