Sweet 16

Happy July 3!

We are very excited for fireworks tonight!  With all the fires in Colorado, there is a fireworks ban.  However, the golf course has been approved to have a fireworks show!  The kids, Tim and I all love to watch them!  😀

I tell you, this My Time Made Easy “sweet” release has been SO MUCH FUN for me!  Cake and cupcakes…yes, please!!  How about a Sweet 16 3-Tier cake?…

Sweet 16 3-tier 1 (Large)

Isn’t it fun?!

Sweet 16 3-tier 2 (Large)

I cut strips and punched cirles to decorate my cakes.

Sweet 16 3-tier 3 (Large)

Each cake layer is a box.  The nesting boxes can be used together, as I have here, or each on their own!

Sweet 16 3-tier 4 (Large)

The candles are hot glued on the center of the green lid.

Sweet 16 3-tier 5 (Large)

I used the NEW Magical Birthday Numbers Cut file to cut “16” with my silhouette.  So easy!

Make sure you check out these blogs for more sweetness! 😀

Thanks for looking!!


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