Super Six!

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Happy Tuesday!

I'm so excited to tell you I made Card Patterns' SUPER SIX!!  Thank you, ladies!  I am honored to have been chosen!  Check it out HERE!!

Thanks for stopping by 😉


Award from Patti

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Hi :-)

I received this award from Patti:

Patti is an extremely talented lady!  I love her 3D projects WITH INSTRUCTIONS!!  Check out her blog HERE.  Thanks, Patti, for the award!

This award requires you to:

1. Thank and link the person who gave you
the award.

2. Display the
award on your blog.

3. Tell 6
lies and 1 truth about yourself.

4. Nominate 7 others and notify them of the award.

The 6 lies and 1 truth:
1. I love marshmallows.
2. I drive a minivan.
3. I live in town.
4. My favorite color is purple.
5. I have triplets.
6. I have a cat.
7. I love to travel.

Can you guess? My truth is #5.  I have 4 kids, three of them are triplets!

I am sending this award to the following 7
bloggers (which I love!!):

Take time to check out these blogs.  They are awesome!!!

I’ll be back soon with some cards!

Have a wonderful day :-)